24th May 2017

New Forefather/Meads of Asphodel "English Steel" split-CD now available for pre-order, featuring brand new Forefather EP "Tales From a Cloud-Born Land". Also available as a stand-alone digital release at Bandcamp.

16th January 2017

"Engla Tocyme" CD re-release now available through Heidens Hart with re-mastered sound and bonus track "Loyalty Bound". Get it now!

20th October 2015

"The Fighting Man" has been re-released by Heidens Hart on CD with re-mastered sound and bonus track "The Lady's Gift". Get it now!

13th August 2015

"Curse of the Cwelled" t-shirt now in stock.

24th April 2015

"Curse of the Cwelled" CD is now in stock. Pre-orders are being dispatched.

23rd April 2015

"Curse of the Cwelled" is now officially released. It can be streamed and downloaded at bandcamp. Physical CDs are expected imminently.

17th April 2015

Our new album "Curse of the Cwelled" is now available to pre-order on CD. See the homepage or visit the Seven Kingdoms shop!

6th March 2015

Kris Verwimp has completed the cover art for the upcoming 7th album "Curse of the Cwelled". See it on our Facebook page.

'Cwelled' is an alternative, archaic spelling of 'Quelled.'

The album is finished. We now just await the completion of the rest of the artwork.

13th November 2014

We are pleased to announce the re-press of "Deep Into Time" on Heidens Hart records. It includes the re-mixed bonus track "A Hearth-Companions Pride" (originally featured on the LP release). Copies are in stock and can be ordered now at Seven Kingdoms!

June 2014

Recording has started for the seventh album. Follow the progress on our Facebook page.

7th May 2014

Wulfstan asnwered some questions for Metal Maniac. Click here!

7th March 2014

"The Fighting Man" LP now available for pre-order at Seven Kindoms (ltd 250 copies).

Now sold out. Copies are still available for pre-order from the three labels responsible for the release. You can find their contact information here:


Seven Kingdoms pre-orders will be sent as soon as the vinyls arrive. We will keep you updated. Many thanks!

6th September 2013

Steadfast repress now in stock.

19th August 2013

We are pleased to announce the re-press of "Steadfast" on Heidens Hart records. Copies can be pre-ordered at Seven Kingdoms! Expected in stock early September.

5th April 2013

New t-shirt "Spirit of Ethandune" available here! [NOW SOLD OUT]

4th February 2013

Check out Athelstan's new solo album "The Ride" here!

11th October 2012

Read an interview with Wulfstan at People of Shambhala here!

1st October 2012

Read an interview with Athelstan at Worm Gear here!

1st June 2012

Read an interview with Athelstan at Queens of Steel here!

11th March 2012 [updated 17th March]

"Last of the Line" now available for download, currently at Metal Hit and Amazon.

6th March 2012

Read an interview with Wulfstan at Metal Ireland here!

15th February 2012

"Last of the Line" is nominated in the Best Pagan / Viking / Folk Metal Album category at the Metal Storm Awards 2011. Cast your vote here!

3rd February 2012

Forefather zip hoodie available at Seven Kingdoms. Extremely limited supply. [edit: now sold out!]

19th December 2011

Today marks the official release of "Last of the Line". Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the CD and shirt. All packages have been sent and all new orders will continue to be fulfilled. We wish you all an enjoyable festive break and a prosperous new year.

10th December 2011

New album "Last of the Line" now available for pre-order. CD and T-shirt. Visit the Seven Kingdoms shop!

Official release date is 19th December and orders will begin shipping on that day. We cannot guarantee Christmas delivery but UK orders will probably arrive on time.

Hear a sample of the title track at our myspace.