Guitar, Bass, Lead/Backing Vocals

Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Forefather is the creation of brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan, begun in Surrey, England in 1997. With influences drawn from across the metal spectrum, from Iron Maiden to Burzum, Forefather’s music doesn’t fit easily in any particular sub-genre, but many people find the pagan metal tag most appropriate. Whereas many Scandinavian bands are guided lyrically by their Viking heritage, Forefather frequently look to England’s Anglo-Saxon roots for inspiration. With seven albums under their belt, including the most recent effort “Curse of the Cwelled”, Forefather have gained the respect and recognition of many critics and fans whilst carving a distinctive niche in the metal world.

1997, September – Forefather conceived.

1997, October – First Forefather song “Deep Into Time” is written.

1998, August – Recording sessions for debut album “Deep Into Time” at The Croft.

1998, October – Work begins on new songs for 2nd album.

1999, March – 1st album “Deep Into Time” released on own label Angelisc Enterprises.

2000, Early-mid – Ltd edition CD of demos and bonus tracks “Legends Untold” released by Millenium Music, Germany.

2000, May – Recording begins for “The Fighting Man” album.

2000, August – Writing begins for third album.

2000, October – “The Fighting Man” released on Angelisc Enterprises.

2001, September-November – Studio invasion for “Engla Tocyme” sessions.

2002, March – 3rd Album “Engla Tocyme” released on Angelisc, along with an updated version of “Deep Into Time”.

2003, August – Forefather sign to Dutch label Karmageddon Media.

2003, October – Recording for 4th album begins.

2004, May – “Ours is the Kingdom” released on Karmageddon Media.

2004, June/July – Re-release of 1st three albums with bonus tracks on Karmageddon Media.

2004, December – Folkearth album "A Nordic Poem" released, featuring the song "Rhyming with Thunder" performed by Forefather and music written by Forefather.

2005, March – Burzum “The Tribute” CD/LP released featuring Forefather’s version of “Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament”.

2005, June – Ltd edition vinyl version of “Deep Into Time” released by Eisenwald Tonschmeide, Germany featuring bonus track “A Hearth Companion’s Pride” (recorded specially for the LP).

2005, December – FALKENBACH tribute double-album released on Skaldic Art records featuring Wulfstan’s lead vocals (under the FOLKEARTH banner) on a cover of "Heathenpride".

2006, June – First guitar tracks for 5th Album recorded.

2006, August – Folkearth album “By the Sword of my father” released, featuring the song “The Lady’s Gift” written and performed by Forefather. Athelstan contributes vocals on “Scaldic Art”.

2007, March – Anti-Geldof Compilation released by Supernal Music featuring exclusive Forefather track “Loyalty Bound”.

2007, December – Recording for 5th album completed after much delay.

2008, February – “Steadfast” released on Seven Kingdoms (Angelisc re-forged).

2009, July – “Summer’s Flame” single released as an mp3.

2010, July – “Engla Tocyme” and “Ours is the Kingdom” albums re-mastered for download release.

2011, February – Recording begins for 6th album.

2011, August – “Last of the Line” recordings completed.

2011, December – “Last of the Line” released on Seven Kingdoms.

2012, November - Wulfstan performs vocals on a cover of Bathory's "The Lake" by Munruthel.

2013, February - Athelstan's solo album "The Ride" is released.

2013, September - "Steadfast" is re-released on CD in collaboration with Heidens Hart.

2014, March - "The Fighting Man" finally sees a vinyl release.

2014, June - Recording begins for 7th album.

2014, November - "Deep Into Time" is re-released on CD in collaboration with Heidens Hart, with bonus track "A Hearth-Companion's Pride".

2015, April - "Curse of the Cwelled" released on Seven Kingdoms.

2015, October - "The Fighting Man" re-released on CD through Heidens Hart, re-mastered with bonus track "The Lady's Gift".

2017, January - "Engla Tocyme" CD re-released through Heidens Hart unleashed, re-mastered with bonus track "Loyalty Bound".

2017, May - "English Steel" split-CD featuring Forefather and Meads of Asphodel released through Godreah records. Includes brand new Forefather EP "Tales From a Cloud-Born Land".

2017, June - Limited edition cassette version of "Steadfast" released through Blackwood Productions.

2017, October - Limited edition cassette version of "Tales From a Cloud-Born Land" released through Folkvangr Records.

2017, November - "Ours is the Kingdom" CD re-released through Heidens Hart unleashed, re-mastered with bonus track "Fighters of the Angelcynn".

2019, April - Cover of Bathory's "Man of Iron" featured on Folkvangr Records Bathory tribute album "Lords of the North".